Friday, June 21, 2013

What Color Wood You Chose?

Every Friday morning needs a good pun, right?

Before I lose you in the sea of paragraphs below, here's a preview of today's post:

It gets exciting toward the end of the blog when I reveal the wood color we are selecting for our new hardwood floors! So keep reading, it gets more interesting at some point...I promise.

I never thought adulthood could be so exhilarating until Jon and I bought our first house back in 2010 and took our first trip to Lowe's as new homeowners. $2,000 later for a new appliance set and I was hooked. In all my years as a kid and teen, I had never experienced the thrill of picking out a brand new shiny stainless steel refrigerator, matching dishwasher and stove.

I bet you think I'm being sarcastic? Sadly, I'm not, I really did get a high out of buying new appliances. Kind of pathetic, huh? =)

Regardless, that appliance-buying experience was my first transition into home-ownership and I loved it. So did my husband. All the sudden my favorite clothing stores weren't seeing as much of my monthly fun budget; instead, the green stuff was being handed over to Home Depot, Lowes, HomeGoods, and Target for house hold decor and DIY items I never knew existed before.

During the 2 1/2 years Jon and I owned our first house, we spent many weekends working on house projects and enjoyed it 90% of the time. Pulling out poisonous trees was the 10% of projects we didn't like (a teething puppy who loved gnawing on tree branches+ two oleander trees = potentially deadly mix).

When we decided to move up the West Coast to Washington earlier this year, the hardest part was selling our house and becoming renters once again. Our love of house projects was one of the main driving forces behind buying a house right away.

So now we find ourselves exactly one week out from closing on our new place. To say we are excited is an understatement. To say we are stressed is also an understatement. Not bad stressed, just overwhelmed stressed. The to-do list is growing and in fact tonight we are having a Starbucks date-night to sit down and plan out the entire next month over a no water, soy chai tea latte (for me) and an iced vanilla latte (for Jon). After all that caffeine, we are bound to get something accomplished (I hope)!

If all goes according to planned, we will have a few weeks from the time we get the keys to when we actually move in. During this time we plan to install new laminate hardwood flooring in the entire main floor.

Back to the main point of this blog post....what finish of hardwood to select for the floors?

Let me tell you, there are A LOT of hardwood finishes to choose from. Like hundreds. I found that it helps by narrowing down the brand of hardwood flooring you want to go with first. Don't compromise on this. Do your research and find a product that works best for your needs. For us, we want and need something very durable since we have two dogs (don't want a lot of scratching) and we want click flooring for easy DIY installation. Fortunately, Costco happens to be having a sale on Harmonics Flooring right now. Once we narrowed down the brand and where to buy it, the finishes were also narrowed down, making the selection process easier. We had the following wood finishes to chose from:

We have decided to buy the Vineyard Cherry. I loved the Warm Hazelnut, but it's only available at Costco's in Texas. The other two are much lighter in person and I don't think the Vineyard Cherry is all that cherry-looking. It actually has a nice honey tone to it. We'll wait to buy these until the day we have the keys, just in case.

In addition to the flooring, this is the rest of our to-do list before move-in:
-Paint all baseboards and doors white
-Install doggy door insert into sliding glass door
-Replace 1 side of cedar fencing with a taller fence (currently the fence is about 4 feet, we want it to be 6 feet tall)
-Seed the yard
-Wire for ethernet
-Install shelving for the pantry (there is currently a lack of a "real" pantry)

Installing new flooring is a huge undertaking for Jon and I, as we haven't attempted such a difficult DIY project yet. However, the Do-It-Yourself-er in me is jumping up and down in anticipation for next Friday when we get the keys and can begin installation!

Throughout the next few weeks I'll post blogs more consistently as I write about our flooring installation experience along the way.

Happy Friday!


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