Sunday, June 16, 2013

Replacing The Floors

The problem with house-hunting is that after looking at dozens upon dozens of properties, attention to detail quickly fades. By the time Jon and I took a house tour of the townhouse we are currently in escrow on, our expectations had greatly shifted from when we had first started house-hunting back in January. We had become less concerned about cosmetic issues and more concerned with the general layout and structure of the house and the general feeling of the neighborhood. So I'm ashamed to say it, but when we went back to the townhouse during the inspection, 1 week after our offer was accepted, I was shocked to learn that the "hardwood" flooring was really cheap, crappy laminate. By the look of it, it's the cheapest fake hardwood laminate one can buy. It was installed very poorly and there are several noticeably seems showing between the laminate pieces.
We knew we wanted to replace the horribly ugly linoleum before moving in, but then after realizing the hardwood was really just additional crappy laminate, we re-evaluated our plan.

(Side note - I want to refrain from posting pictures of the house until we have the keys in-hand. That being said, we are supposed to close in less than 2 weeks, so wish us luck! Pictures to come soon!)

After convincing my husband that hardwood would look great throughout the entire main floor (he was skeptical about having it in the kitchen and wanted tile instead), we made a trip to Costco to check out their selection. They are having a huge flooring sale right now so while didn't buy any laminate flooring today, we plan to go back tomorrow. Best of all, my husband really liked it, too! I think he was having a hard time seeing the same end-result vision that I was having, but after seeing the actual color of the laminate hardwood and seeing large-scale samples of it he is now just as equally excited about replacing the flooring.

You may have noticed I keep saying "laminate hardwood" and may be wondering why we are replacing laminate for laminate. Good question! The current laminate is ugly and very poor quality. The laminate at Costco is much nicer-looking, has a darker wood tone, and is much better quality. At ~$1.40 sq ft, we felt we couldn't go wrong.

We had real hardwood flooring at our Arizona house, but it scratched so easily. We researched types of woods and it seems that oak hardwood flooring is notorious for scratching. Since we have two large dogs and the hardwood flooring will be in the main living spaces, we felt the laminate was the best choice for true longevity and durability. We will be purchasing the engineered click laminate hardwood planks and plan to make this a DIY project. We have 650 sq ft to cover, and need to remove all the baseboards as well, so we are estimating this project to take 40 hours. Basically, the 1 one week we have between closing on the house and moving in will be dedicated to laying the new flooring.

Since we are no longer just tiling the entry and kitchen, but are replacing the entire main floor with laminate hardwood, we are going to put the painting on hold until we can save up some more money. It can be so easy to get carried away with every house project right away, but we feel it's important to pace ourselves and our budget. We do plan on painting the baseboards since we have to remove them anyway, so painting them while removed will be so much easier.

If you bought a new house that needed some cosmetic updating, what project would you want to dive right into first? A kitchen remodel? Updating lighting fixtures? Painting? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Sunday~

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