Tuesday, June 25, 2013

300 Paint Samples Later...

For anyone who has ventured into Lowe's or Home Depot you know about the huge walls of paint samples. Did you know they are free? And did you know that every color has about 200 shades of itself? It's impossible to simply paint a wall "blue", instead one must select from hundreds of shade variations with names like "Song Bird Blue" or "Pillow Mint" or "Stillness" or even "Lynnhurst Jade". What the heck is a lynnhurst? After a half hour of browsing paint colors my eyes had officially glazed over and I stopped being able to tell the difference between "Sesame" and "Light Raffia".  The result? I came home with over 300 paint card samples. And that's a conservative guess.

So last night while watching re-runs of The Office and laughing at Michael Scott's that what she said jokes, I poured through hundreds of paint samples and narrowed the selection down to about 30 colors. Until I can get into the new townhouse and see the color samples in the natural light of the house, I won't be able to narrow it down any further. However, 300 down to 30 is pretty good!

With our paint budget in mind, I hope to have enough to paint the entire house but if not, I know I'll at least be able to paint the entire main level and master bedroom. And yes, Jon and I are painting it all by ourselves! In addition to installing new flooring. Oh boy. At least we have four full weeks to do these projects before we move in!

We are splurging on an automatic paint sprayer, which we can buy refurbished on Amazon for $50! We hope this will heavily cut down the painting time, leaving us with more time to focus on the flooring installation.

Back to paint colors....I'm planning to keep the paint colors pretty neutral. I'm not a big fan of bold colors, except in small accents. Fortunately, my husband took one look at the pile of 300+ paint samples and said "I trust you to pick whatever colors you want". Either this was 1) a way for him to get out of sorting through hundreds of colors and helping me select one or 2) the best thing a DIY girl could ever hear from her husband. I'm going with the 2nd one ;-)

I'll leave you all with a sampling of my favorite paint colors so far. I used Pinterest for a lot of inspiration as it really shows certain paint colors on a larger scale, so it's easier to picture the color in an actual room than just on a small 2 inch paper sample.

On last note, Jon and I have a 10% off coupon to Lowe's so the brand of paint was pretty much decided for me....either Valspar or Olympic, the two brands Lowe's carries. Valspar is a little more expensive, but a thicker paint that I've found works great on walls.

Click on the picture to go to the picture source.

Gravity by Valspar

Bonsai by Valspar

Marble Tile by Valspar

Painting will begin next week, so stay tuned for more updates and pictures!  Happy Tuesday!


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