Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Old Fashioned Living

While Jon and I enjoy watching shows on Netflix, rarely do we ever watch regular TV. However, at our old house I used to turn on the news or talk shows (like Kelly and Michael, The Today Show, or Ellen) to have on in the background.  My tech-savvy husband actually constructed our own TV antenna so that we could receive basic TV channels for free instead of paying for cable. It used to be hooked up to the side of the house but when we moved it got packed first into one of our apartment storage units by accident. Since that storage space is now a jigsaw puzzle of boxes and lawn furniture, the thought of digging through that stuff to get to the very back to find the TV antenna isn't very appealing.

Therefore, since we only plan to stay at this apartment for 2 to 3 months, God-willing, we decided to for-go receiving TV channels and instead just use Netflix. And honestly, this "old fashioned" way of living without TV is kind of nice. I hadn't realized how often I would mindlessly turn on the TV just for background noise. Now that it's not an option it forces me to do other things with my time. And it saves electricity.

I've discovered that one of my new favorite means of entertainment is our wood burning fireplace. Since Seattle is cloudy most days, the weather paired with the fireplace creates a super cozy living environment. I think that's partly why I'm blogging more these days. I feel like reading and writing all day long. And taking naps. =)   Here is what my mornings look like:

While I look for a job and a house, I'm also trying to enjoy the life we have right now. Truthfully, it's very difficult to transition from living in a nice house to a small apartment. Space is very limited and it's easy to get frustrated with our circumstance. At the same time, I'm enjoying the new style of living in some ways. Not having a TV is one of those ways.

Yesterday was a rare sunny day here, so without much to do in the apartment, I felt motivated to lace up my running shoes and drive to the lake for a nice run. While the lake is connected to the Puget Sound, it gets fed from two freshwater rivers, so the lake is technically freshwater and not part of the near-by ocean and sound (thanks Wikipedia for that information). However, it still felt like I was running along the ocean since the lake is so large. Here are few pictures I took while at the bay park yesterday:

There is a water turtle atop the log, just to the right of the bird

Not a bad view, huh? I can't wait until it warms up here in the spring and summer so I can spend more days at this park.

Happy Wednesday~

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