Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello from Seattle!

Well my original plan was to blog every evening at our hotel during our 4 day drive from AZ to WA. However, each day ended up taking much longer than expected, so literally every night we would check into our hotel, eat, and fall asleep within an hour, only to wake up early (6am) and repeat the whole process again. Thus, blogging our moving adventures fell behind schedule.

The good news is....we have made it to Seattle! Well, we don't technically live in Seattle, we are in the northeastern part of the metro area.

Backing up to last week, our third day of our driving trip was the test of all tests. We started the day in San Francisco and spent a few hours enjoying a beautiful, sunny morning in Sausalito with the dogs. This is one of  Jon and mine's favorite little towns in the Bay Area and last year when we were visiting we talked at length about taking the dogs there someday with us. Thus, when the opportunity arose to drive through there on our trip with the dogs, we couldn't pass it up. We enjoyed breakfast at an outdoor patio of a local cafe and had some homemade ice cream from a little shop before getting back into our SUV for the long day of driving that awaited us.
Jon and Tatum in Sausalito

We used Google navigation for our trip and I'm pretty sure the time estimates are only applicable to single men who drive fast sports cars and never stop to use the bathroom. The estimates are clearly not intended for families with kids, dogs, couples, etc. Our estimated 8.5 hour day of driving really took us a total of 12+ hours. We stopped a few times with the dogs (like the incident where Molly puked all over the backseat while we were cruising down the highway in the middle of no-where California and we had to pull over and clean it all up with just a gallon of water and some disposable plastic gloves we had. Not fun), but otherwise the driving just took much longer than expected, plain and simple as that.

The plus side of all this driving was that we got to document all the adorable moments with the dogs in the backseat.

We spent about an hour in Redding, CA and took the dogs to Turtle Bay Exploration Park where Tatum enjoyed swimming in the river.

It was already about 4pm when we stopped here and then we realized we had another 5 hours of driving. Well, Google Maps said it was 5 hours; it really took us 6 1/2 because of the mountain roads and 1 quick stop at Dominos for carry pizza. Yes, we ordered pizza when we were 30 minutes outside a small town in Oregon and picked it up and ate it in the car while driving =)

We arrived very, very tired and barely awake to our hotel in Eugene, OR that evening and then headed out early again for our last 1/2 day of driving (5 hours) to our destination - Bothell, WA!  The hotel we stayed at was next to a river and the dogs loved going for walks along the path.

Tatum liked the comfy hotel bed, does that make us bad pet parents/hotel guests? =)

Riverfront trail in Eugene

We made a quick lunch stop in Portland which was not fun - we made the mistake of picking a place to eat near downtown since it was right off the interstate and we were pretty freaked out by how sketchy downtown Portland was. Not sure we will ever go back (sorry Portland lovers). In fact, Jon is pretty sure he saw a dead person in the middle of a street in downtown near the river being attended to by an ambulance. Yeah, we were glad to get back in our car and continue driving.

Finally around 2pm on Thursday, Feb 14th (Valentine's Day!) we made it to Seattle! This is a picture of us passing by Bellevue, a city just east of Seattle

A little further northeast and we arrived at our new apartment complex. The lease signing went really smoothly and we had the keys to our unit about 30 minutes later. The dogs were SO GLAD to get out of the car for good this time. We were too.  We had brought only the basic necessities with us in the SUV to live on until our moving truck arrived the following day, so our first night we slept on an air mattress and ate off of paper plates. We didn't even have chairs =) It was kind of like camping, but inside.
"Just the necessities"

Indoor air mattress camping on our first night at the apartment. We even have a fireplace! So blessed by that and thankful.

Our 2nd bedroom aka, the storage unit, full with boxes marked "later" for our future house. 

 The next day our moving truck arrived and we had some movers help us unload our stuff and somehow, it miraculously fit in the apartment! Well, the 2nd bedroom is full to the top with packing boxes, but it fits.  We are living off of basic essentials for now, since our unit is really small. Try fitting a 4 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom 950 sq ft apartment....it's not easy! But we are making it work and learning to live simply for the next 2-3 months. The apartment complex is very "woodsy" and there are lots of hiking trails that connect to the actual complex which is really fun. Tatum likes the dog park that is here and we like the convenience of it.
Our apartment

Dog Park at the complex

Woods behind the apartment - lots of hiking trails to explore

We have a 3 month lease and in that time it is our #1 priority to find a house. Now that Jon is back to work I'll be spending my days looking for a part time job but also house hunting.

So that's the latest from us here in Washington. Today is a beautiful, mostly sunny day and I plan to make the most of it by finding a good running trail along the water's edge. I still can't believe the ocean is just a hop, skip, and jump away.

Happy Tuesday!

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