Monday, February 25, 2013

From Snowy Mountains to City Streets

It's still surreal that only two weeks ago we were just leaving Arizona to embark on our road trip up to Washington. Jon and I both got our new drivers license, so I guess that makes us official residents. Weird.

I originally made this blog to document fun house projects and Pinterest projects, but since we don't have a house right now, I'm officially dedicating it to our house hunting and new city adventures for the time being.  On a related note, since we don't have a house where we can work on weekend house projects, we are enjoying the convenience of apartment living and spending our weekends doing touristy and outdoor activities. Our goal is to do at least one activity each weekend where we explore a new destination or attraction in the Seattle area. This weekend we spent Saturday exploring beautiful, majestic snow-capped mountains in Snoqualmie and Sunday exploring the Pikes Place Market and waterfront in downtown Seattle. I'm starting to fall in love with the multiple climate zones Washington has; it reminds me a lot of Arizona but with even more micro-climates that are closer together.  It only took us 35 minutes from where we live to get to Snoqualmie Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall nestled among picturesque snow-capped mountains.

Here is a glimpse of the Falls from this weekend:

The weather was pretty bad; we had lots of rain and heavy hail both on the drive there and back. That didn't stop us from getting out to see the falls though. Here's a view of the hail downpour on our drive home:

I can't wait to go back in the summertime - this is what Snoqualmie Falls looks like on a sunny day:

On Sunday Jon took me to see the office where he now works. This is his view - can you believe that?  

We walked out onto the docks that are just steps away from the office and took in a nice view of the lake. 

 After a quick tour of his new workplace we drove over to Seattle. In non rush-hour traffic Seattle is just a 25 minute drive from where we live. I like that it's so close because it's short enough of a drive that we it's not a big deal to go visit on the weekends, but it's just long enough to not want to go into the city all the time. Our first stop was at the Seattle Waterfront, which is just a few blocks from Pikes Place Market. We didn't work up the nerve to ride the Ferris Wheel (plus it was $13/person!), but we did walk around the shops and stop to look out onto the Puget Sound.

 Downtown Seattle reminds me a lot of Chicago, mixed with the waterfront vibe of San Francisco.

We spent a few hours at Pikes Place Market but I forgot to take any pictures. Jon and I had stopped here for about an hour when we visited Seattle a month ago and unfortunately we went on a Saturday evening as it was getting dark and the crowd wasn't one you wanted to be walking around in. As expected, it was much more tourist-friendly on a Sunday afternoon. 

So those were our two big adventures for the weekend. I'm starting to really like Seattle! I just wish the sun was out more often. 

We continue on with our house hunt....houses are selling like hot cakes out here so the pickings are slim. We have about a month before we want to be signing a contract and beginning the escrow process on a house. Prayers that we would find a house in the next 4 weeks would be really appreciated, thanks!

Happy Monday,

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