Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Driving Day #1

Jon and I accomplished two significant things yesterday...1st, we woke up before 7am. 5:45am to be exact...2nd, we made it through the first leg of our trip. The later is the more award-winning accomplishment of the two. Let me just put this out there, travelling with dogs is really rough, for us and for them. Tatum and Molly did really well in the car and didn't get too restless but both are really stressed. Molly had an accident in the car about 3 hours into the trip, which is very rare for her and caused us a major headache. Poor girl though, she knows something is up and I wish we could explain to her that it will all be ok and less stressful in a few days.

We took them to a nice dog park mid-day, but then the 1hr remaining to the hotel turned into 3 hrs as we hit LA rush hour traffic. With all the stops we made, we travelled a total of 10hours yesterday. 3 hours longer than we expected.

We stayed in Ventura for the night but were so tired that we didn't do anything fun. In fact, we feel asleep just after 8pm.  Poor Tatum doesn't like all the unfamiliar noises at the hotel and has let out some loud, surprising barks which we quickly have to hush. We are using this time to work on the Quiet command.

Today we will be travelling up to San Francisco. We planned a few beach stops along the way so hopefully Tatum will have lots of fun :-) The weather is great and we hope the winds stay calm for safer travels ...yesterday the wind gusts were really bad on the interstate.

Will upload pictures later.

Happy Tuesday~


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