Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bittersweet Good-bye

This morning I enjoyed coffee and breakfast on our backyard patio while watching my dog Tatum play in the freshly sodded backyard and listening to the peaceful melody of the water fountain. I closed my eyes and tried to soak up the moment, every single ounce of it.

In just a few short days, Jon and I will be driving up the California and Oregon coast on our way to our new home....Seattle, WA. While I can't wait for the adventures that await us, it's a bittersweet move. Together we sought out the opportunity to move and try something new outside Arizona, so I know we are blessed to be making this move by choice and not by circumstances outside our control. However, leaving the state I was born and raised in, as well as our first house, is still difficult.

I haven't blogged in a few months, but I plan to get back into it on a regular basis in order to keep friends and family updated on the move and house hunt. Yes, that's another factor in all of this  - the future house hunt. Allow me to get my vent out once and for all =)  ....  Seattle houses are soooo different than Arizona houses, and not in a good way. Jon and I have quickly realized that our 1700 sq ft, only 10 year old house, with an open floor plan, grass backyard, 2 door garage, etc isn't going to be replicated in Seattle.

We are finding out that what is common and standard here, isn't common and standard there. Carports and tandem garages take precedence over two door garages. Open floor plans are very rare, since the houses are much older. Several decades ago, builders thought it would be a good idea to make walls covered in hardwood planks. What.were.they.thinking? People like their houses narrow and tall, unlike Arizona where everything is one story and spread out. As a pet owner, Arizona brick wall backyards are the perfect means of keeping dogs safely confined inside a backyard. In the Seattle area, one is lucky to have a fenced backyard and not just a large open space behind the house. I'm predicting that getting adjusted to the different style of houses out there is going to be the most challenging aspect of this relocation.

Onto more exciting news....since we are having our stuff shipped up to Seattle, including our 2nd car, Jon and I get to take our time driving together with the dogs up to WA next week. We decided that after weeks of packing, driving two 14 hour days from AZ to WA was going to be a recipe for stress and disaster. So, we are breaking the drive into 3 1/2 days and taking the scenic, coastal highway up through California. I'm actually really excited about the driving part of this move! We have planned out fun stops along the way, like the dog beach park in Monterey, California, a coffee shop stop in Sausalito, CA after driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, and other fun stops. Last year Jon and I visited Sausalito while checking out the Bay Area for a job offer he had received; while he didn't take the offer, we fell in love with the quaintness of Sausalito and thought about how fun it would be to live near there and take our dogs with us some weekend as we browsed the oceanfront shops. I love that we are actually going to be stopping there with them on this trip!

Well, back to more packing! Check back in a few days for a new update on the move.

Happy Wednesday~

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