Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vacation Style

Whenever I book a vacation and have ample time to plan, shop and pack for it, I do just that - plan and shop. For whatever reason, I always feel like a vacation warrants new clothes for the climate & environment I am going to. Of course, that's just my justification for doing a little shopping =)  I've found a few helpful tips to be true when shopping for a vacation and doing so with a purpose. My husband and I have a big vacation planned for this fall, so I thought the topic was pretty appropriate.

1) Know the climate you are going to

Google typical weather patterns for the time of year you plan on visiting. Going to amusement parks or walking around a large metropolitan city? Purchase a pack of clear, disposable rain panchos for just a few bucks online or at a dollar store. It will save you a lot of money compared to buying them on your trip when you really need one.

2) Shop your closet first to figure out what you already own and determine what you need to buy

I don't know about you, but I find myself wearing a small percentage of the clothes I own as I tend to stick with my favorites. Unless I deliberately browse through my clothes on occasion, I forget what all I have. To best plan for a trip, start by shopping your closet first.

Um, hello gorgeous closet; can you come live in my house? 
If closet shopping looked like this, it would be much more fun

3) Prioritize what you need & determine a budget

After browsing through the clothes you already have, make a quick list of things you need for your trip and another list of things you want. I know for our upcoming vacation we will be doing a lot of walking. Being an Arizona girl, I wear flip-flops 350 days a year, no joke. I know that wearing walking shoes for the entire trip will get old and boring fast. A quick survey of my flip flop collection revealed just what I thought it would - most of my flip flops are for fashion, not functionality. I may wear them for a few hours a day or walk in them for a few blocks at most. They aren't designed for a full day of walking in. Thus, I invested in a good pair of Reef sandals. My husband swears by Rainbows, but I've just never found them to be that comfortable. Point is, prioritize what you need, set a budget, and don't pass up buying something that you know will make your vacation more enjoyable (like a quality pair of flip flops!).

So true

4) Finally, shop for fun!

Yay, the fun part! After you get all the "needs" bought, have fun buying some vacation-specific outfits. This happens to be my strength LoL =)  Did a cute bathing suit catch your eye for that upcoming beach vacation? Snag it before the store stops selling them. Feel like rocking a new top for that girls weekend in NYC? Go ahead a splurge. Just stick to your budget and you won't feel like you overspent and you won't start your vacation off with a guilty subconscious. In fact, shopping for a vacation can help build up the excitement for a much-anticipated trip! Especially if it's somewhere really awesome like Hawaii or NYC or an island in the Caribbean.

Perfectly put together for a day at the beach or strolling along a boardwalk

When you're short on time, don't forget your good friend for 2 day shipping. I'm not paid to say that, I'm just a Prime user who loves Amazon and definitely uses it to buy many vacation essentials. 

After all that pre-vacation shopping you'll surely be ready for a vacation like this

Bottom line, don't be afraid to embrace a vacation style! Figure out what you have, what you need, and what you want, set a budget, and then hit the stores for some pre-vacation fun.

Happy Shopping~

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