Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Wood Plank Wall Art

Pinterest. Good ol' pinterest. The source of inspiration. The reason for spending money on DIY crafts.

Pinterest is to blame for my latest DIY project - a wood plank wall art piece.  After my first attempt at DIY wood  map art turned out better than I had expected, I decided to give it another try with a similar project. I found two pins of inspiration last weekend, take a look:

I like a few different things about each of the two pieces. I liked the script font of the first picture, and the white-washed, uneven planks, but I also liked the dark wood of the second picture and the word placed at the bottom. I decided to merge the two ideas together for my own unique piece of art. 

A quick trip to Lowe's and $12 for 5 already cut pieces of thin wood was all I needed to purchase for this project. The pieces of wood were all the same length, but various widths. I used a small piece of wood and screws I had at home to secure the secure the planks together, making sure to stagger the planks so they were a bit uneven. 

I used Rustoleum's American Walnut stain, two coats, and then heavily watered down some light gray paint I already had on hand. I lightly brushed this over the dried stained wood and then quickly used a damp cloth to wipe away the paint after about 30 seconds of letting it sort of dry. It gave the wood a super subtle washed out look, but without making it too white-washed. 

I let the whole thing dry and then made a home-made cut out stencil using cardstock paper to print the word "Grace". I kept the stencil in place on the board using spray-adhesive. I'm not detailing the steps too much here since it's literally the same exact steps I took for the other wood art project with the map. This is super easy to do with some time and patience. I used a light mustard-yellow paint color to paint on the word Grace. Once it dried, I lighted sanded the letters so it looked just a bit faded. Here's the final project:

Hanging up on our wall

Both wood art projects on either side of our built-in media center. See the subtle difference between the dark wood of the map art and the lighter wood of the other piece? I think the white-wash painting technique helped make both pieces distinct in color. For about $20 for both pieces, I am really happy with how they turned out. 

Have you done any Pinterest projects lately? If so, link up to it in the comments below!

Happy Tuesday~

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