Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Craving the colors of fall

For the first time in weeks, our city's low temperature dropped below 90 degrees. Today the news is forecasting that we may just stay under 110 degrees, again, for the first time in many weeks.  It's been a brutal summer here in the Southwest, and one that is taking it's time leaving. Where I live, signs of fall don't usually begin to pop up until mid-October. September still tends to be rather hot with only the nights cooling down to enjoyable temperatures.

Today, I am enjoying overcast, cloudy skies and loving every minute of it. It's a bit deceiving though; I look outside my window as I sit here and type and the clouds make me feel cozy, giving the impression that it's cool or even chilly outside. It's not. It's muggy, hot, and downright icky. In the past few days I have realized how much I am beginning to crave the arrival of autumn. Of course, Pinterest isn't helping with all their awesome fall season photo pins =)

But yes, that's the purpose of today's post. To share with you all how I am starting to desperately crave cute fall boots and jeans in exchange for flip flops and shorts, here are some fall pictures to get you thinking happy autumn thoughts as well =)

Doesn't this outfit just scream "fall is here!". Can't wait to wear something similar in a few months.

Happy Wednesday!

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