Friday, July 20, 2012

Master Bedroom Furniture Changes

My husband and I have finally completed some major improvements to our master bedroom! It only took about 3 months to finish all the projects, but hey, slow and steady wins the race, right?

This is what we initially started with. 

My old college headboard and hand me down nightstands (see pic below) from my in-laws. Sorry for the poor picture, this is really the only one I could find that showed the headboard before I stained it: All three pieces of furniture were in excellent condition, so instead of buying new stuff, we conquered a few DIY projects and also built a bench for the base of our bed to tie it all together.

Here's a breakdown of the whole project over the past few months, complete with photos of the finished room:

Back in May we conquered the nightstand project.  These are the nightstands we started with:

 After sanding and re-staining, this is what we now have:

Also in May, I re-stained the headboard, but unfortunately I was just getting into blogging at the time and didn't think to take pictures of that project. The headboard now matches the brown in the nightstands.

In June, my husband offered to build me something so I suggested a bench for the base of our bed. We used a design template from, shown here:

Unfortunately, summers in Arizona get HOT, so this project took a few weeks since we would wait until nighttime to work on it in small chunks of time. Click here to read about the building process.

We were so thrilled with the finished bench!

Since it would be used for sitting on to tie shoes, put on socks, etc at the base of our bed I wanted to add a cushion to the top. However, we loved the look of the bench as it was, so I wanted to craft a cushion that wasn't permanent, but that also wouldn't slide around. 

What you are about to see isn't very pretty by design-standards, and looks totally ghetto-rigged when you see how the cushion was made, but it is 100% functional and once placed on top of the bench all flaws are 100% hidden =) So here goes:

I purchased 2 inch foam at JoAnns during a 50% off sale for a total of $15. At Lowe's I was able to purchase a piece of scrap board for $4. I don't even know the name of this type of board, neither did the Lowe's guy lol. It's like a really hard cardboard, but not wood, and a little bit more flexible than pegboard. Anyway, it was perfect for this project. I had it cut about 2 inches shorter than the foam on all sides. Using a staple gun and cheap fabric, I secured the fabric to the board and created the right cushion formation in the process.

Next, I did the same thing but with the good fabric I had bought. I didn't have to worry about pulling and tugging at this fabric to get the shape I wanted since I had already done that with the cheap base fabric.

Now here is the ghetto-rigged part. I knew I wanted a no-slip bottom, so I found some scrap pieces of drawer liner and just stapled them to the cushion. Looks AWFUL, but didn't cost me a dime and is completely functional.

See, it's not visible once it's flipped over and the best part is that it's completely removable!

Check out this beauty of a bench sitting at the base of our bed:

OK, so now for the before and after pictures. Remember, this is what it looked like before:

With these as our nightstands:

And now this is how it looks re-stained and with the new bench at the base of the bed:

 I can't wait to add some curtains to the room next! Thanks for reading through the whole post, I know it was long, but this is was definitely the biggest DIY project we have conquered so far.  Happy Friday!

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