Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking rules for your pets

My husband and I have two dogs and adore them like they are our children; i.e., we pamper them and spoil them to no end. However, for the longest time we used to have a "no dogs on the bed" rule. I just didn't see the point in getting dog hair on the bedding when they have plenty of dog beds scattered throughout the house and have ones at the base of our beds to sleep on at night.

The rule never seemed to be a problem when we just had our older dog. She has never had any interest in expending the energy it takes to jump onto the bed =) Yet somehow when we adopted our yellow lab puppy last Fall that rule went out the window rather quickly. I mean, who can say no to this face? And more importantly, who doesn't want to wake up to this face greeting you each morning? What kind of mean doggy-parents would we be if we said no lol.

He likes to bring his "blanket" on the bed with him to sleep. No joke.

He loves laundry day when the sheet are being washed.

How cute is this little guy? 

If it's not obvious already, the little guy is clearly allowed on the bed now =) So much for that rule haha. Despite our leniency to let him sleep on the bed, I wanted to make a good effort to keep the bedding as clean as possible. I was finding that our top duvet cover was attracting a lot of dog hair and since it was dry-clean only I knew it was a bad idea to continue letting him lay on it.  I needed to be able to wash the sheet/bedding he would lie on at least twice a week to keep dust, pollen, and dander from the dog hair out of our bedding. 

If you have found yourself in a similar dilemma don't fret, there's an easy solution: Put an extra sheet that you don't mind getting dirty on the top of your bed. Wash this sheet often in warm/hot water and train your dog to lay just on the top sheet.

Ok, sometimes he doesn't stay on the sheet part, but it mostly works

I found an old flat sheet that my husband used in his college days that compliments the colors of our duvet cover. Now, I just keep at least 1/2 of the sheet folded on the end of the bed and Tatum does a pretty good job lying only atop of the sheet. When guests come over, I can take it off so the bed looks "pretty" again. But for everyday purposes, the sheet stays on the bed and really cuts down on the frequency of bed linen cleaning. More than a few times now he has hopped on the bed with dirty paws (from mud outside) and instead of freaking out that it got on a nice comforter, clean sheets, etc, I know that I can just put the top sheet in the washer and all is well again. It's a simple solution that might cost you $15 if you have to go out a buy an extra sheet. Worth it to save you from extra loads of laundry each week as well as keeping dog hair in the bedding down to a minimum. 

What other solutions have you found that help cut down the frequency of cleaning if you have large dogs in your house who tend to shed?

Happy Saturday! 

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