Monday, June 18, 2012

Project Completed

So I definitely dropped the ball on getting the final pictures posted of the entry table project last week. *Sigh*, isn't that how real life always is? Full of days that slip away with items still unchecked on the to-do list. It also doesn't help that temps here in AZ have been in the 105-110 degree range, yikes! The heat makes it much harder to get motivated to do any DIY projects outside, including sanding and painting.

Well, after procrastinating for a few days I finally finished this project at about 10pm last night =)

For a recap, I found this entry table/end table on Craigslist and bargained it down to the sweet price of $25. 
The only real problem with it is the bit of wood buckling on the front left corner, but more on that later.

After sanding, priming, and spray painting it gray, this is what I had:

It's not as tall as I hoped to have the entry table, but I am going to scout out a lamp or basket to give the top some more height. I love how functional it is, though. My husband and I like to have a drawer by the front door to stash all our dog supplies so we can grab them quickly when heading outside to take the dogs on a walk, give them a bath, brushing, etc. 

The true paint color is a medium gray, and I'm happy with how it turned out. I switched out the original hardware knob for a handle and also lined the drawer with self-adhesive shelf-liner contact paper.
As for the corner buckling, I am hoping to find a nice decorative item to place on top of that area (a large basket would cover this spot well). I'm open to other ideas, too!  Unfortunately, this corner isn't as easy of a fix as I'd hoped. The wood underneath the buckled top is also raised (water damage most likely) so I'd have to shave down the wood, and I am not skilled in stuff like that, so I am afraid it would mess the blemish up even more. For now, I am leaving it as is until I can find a good solution. Covering it up sounds like a perfect temporary solution to me lol.

Here's how it looks facing our front door. The temporary entry table, which is actually a nightstand, is there on the right in the picture, waiting to be moved into our bedroom. See pic below.

Here's what the old table looked like. We have two matching ones from this project a few weeks ago. We kept one of these in the entryway and one as a nightstand in our bedroom. Now, we can use both matching nightstands in our bedroom since we have the new gray entry table! Here's one more picture of the new table =)

Happy Monday!

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