Monday, June 4, 2012

A fun date night idea

Last week my husband and I were walking our dogs and stumbled upon a $20 bill on a sidewalk. Score!

 We were pretty ecstatic! (Well, who wouldn't be, right?) We would have course returned it to the rightful owner if there was such a possibility, but it was late at night, nobody was around, and the money was just on a random sidewalk. We first praised God that our puppy hadn't gobbled it up before we picked it off the ground (he loves eating paper) and second praised God for the extra cash!

Now here is where the game comes into play. Instead of just blowing the $20 on something random we decided to put it towards a date night. However, the rule was, we had to stick to just the $20 and see how far we could stretch the money to really maximize a fun date night. Surprisingly, it went pretty far! Here's the breakdown of a $20 date night.

Last Friday temperatures in our area reached 111 degrees, yuck!
What better way to stay cool than to head to the local community pool? That's just what we did.

Doesn't that water look so refreshing and inviting? We spent an hour and a half enjoying some fun in the evening sun.

Total cost: $6

We finished up at the pool around 8pm and were ready to grab some dinner after that. Ordering pizza sounded heavenly and we were just in luck because my husband had a free Papa Johns pizza coupon. Being that I'm gluten free I was able to order my very own gluten free pizza (yay!) from a different local pizza place across the street from us (love the convenience). 
Total pizza cost for both of us: $11 (Hubby's was free)
Running total: $17

For dessert we picked up 3 individual sized Blue Bunny ice creams of various flavors for 99cents each

Total cost for ice cream: $3

Running total: $20!

We ate our own individual pizzas at home, had ice cream, and watched reruns of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.  It was an awesome date night for $20 if you ask me.

I challenge you to try this fun date night game sometime! One time we received a $10 rebate gift card to Target that was unexpected and we made a whole evening event of going to Target together and buying things we would never normally buy just for fun, with the limit being $10.  I think we walked out of there with clearance earrings for me, a $5 DVD, two $1 treats for our dogs, and some stuff for my husband. The rule was we had to spend it on only fun stuff. No groceries or sensible items.  I encourage you to try this sometime, blog about it, and share the link in the comment section.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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