Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trash to Treasures: Turning a Dresser Into a Buffet Table

Yay, it's my first blog post here at House Canvas! I'm not a designer or decorator, just a homeowner who loves to take on DIY projects that are budget-friendly and fun. I get a lot of inspiration from the internet through Pinterest and various design blogs, and I owe a lot of credit to my older sister who is an interior designer and always showing me awesome ways to decorate spaces.

My husband and I purchased our first home together back in 2010 and I figured it was about time to start a virtual scrapbook of my DIY projects.  Here's the first project I want to "scrapbook" - Turning a Dresser Into a Buffet

I can't remember where I first saw the idea online to convert an old dresser into a buffet table, but I was hooked on the idea right away. Craigslist searches fell flat as I didn't want to spend ~$100 on a project I wasn't sure was going to work. 

Lo-and-behold, one morning I was walking my dog and a few houses down from ours were some items on the curb with a "free stuff" sign on them. One of these was a sweet, awesome wood dresser! (actually, it butt ugly and needed major work in order to be salvageable). But it was FREE! And just the right size of dresser I needed.

After a nice neighbor helped me take it home, I began working on it in hopes that I could turn this trash into treasure. 

I had no plans, no experience, just a vision of what it would look like and a general idea of what to do based off other blog articles (strip the old paint off, sand it, paint it, etc). 

Here's how the whole project went down:

Initial piece of "trash". Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a true "before" picture, but these two pics together give you a general idea of what it initially looked like. 

It had 6 drawers, and was painted an off-white color, as seen below on the bottom drawers.
The bottom 4 drawers got thrown out
There was water damage on the top, that no amount of sanding could get rid of. The bottom was also badly frayed in the corners, fortunately the back corners, so I wasn't too worried since it wouldn't be a main focal point. The structure was still very sturdy, even with the cosmetic problems.

After lots of striping and sanding and removal of old hardware, it was ready for paint.

Here it is after the first coat of paint. I also removed the drawer tracks on the sides for the bottom 4 drawers. A $5 piece of wood cut in half from Home Depot gave me 2 equal sized shelves to place in the center of where the two drawers would have been on each side. In retrospect, I could have gotten nice shelving brackets, but I just opted for nails since I didn't know what I was doing lol. I don't plan to put anything on the shelves for now, so it works just fine to hold the boards in place, as shown below.

Once the final coat of paint had been applied, I did a little sanding on the edges to give it a rustic feel. 

Some new hardware, and what a difference! The table looks much lighter in these photos, but in our house it has a nice blue-gray color in the darker lighting. 

Now this "treasure" sits in our kitchen!

Our wine holder looks sad with one lonely bottle of wine lol. Time for a Costco trip.

The whole project cost ~$50, which included the decorations atop the dresser.
Supplies used:
1 foam roller, 1 paint brush, electric sander, 1/2 gallon paint, new hardware, paint dropcloth, plain wood board cut in half for the shelves.

 If you want to create a kitchen buffet of your own, I recommend searching Craigslist, your local Goodwill, and neighborhood yard sales for great finds. As long as the structure is sturdy, you can usually ignore cosmetic damage to a dresser since you'll be painting or staining over it anyway. Don't be afraid to manipulate the furniture piece either - I recommend taking the bottom drawers out to give it  less of a dresser look and more of a table look. The sky is the limit! Comment with a link to your blog if you have tried a similar DIY project! =) 


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