Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creating an Office Space (Part 2)

Last week I began a segment on creating my new office space and now here is part 2. This is the fun post - it's all about the decorating and refurnishing of the office! I started with a blank slate for the room which is probably the best way to decorate, in my opinion. I didn't have to worry about salvaging furniture we already had or keeping artwork and accessories and working around them. This is was the best part. Here's a re-post of the mood board from the previous blog post:

I really enjoyed this project and here is a breakdown of how the office was created and decorated.

The biggest challenge with creating this space was that I knew I wanted it to serve as a workout area as well as my office. The problem was that the floors are carpeted, and in our house only the bedrooms have carpet; taking out carpet in just this room would have unbalanced the flooring in the house. I opted to splurge for a $50 heavy duty gym mat that I just laid over the carpet. It works perfect! As money permits, I want to get 2 more to cover the carpet entirely, but the 1 for now provides ample space to do floor exercises on (squats, lunges, Pilates, etc). It doesn't slide on the carpet and it protects the carpet from wear and tear.

My sister was a huge part of this project turning out as well as it did. She is an interior designer and has an eye for simplistic, sophisticated design. Her suggestion was to paint only 1 wall with a really vibrant color, something I would have never thought of myself but that was a perfect solution for this room. Only 1 wall can really be seen in full from the hallway and doorway, so choosing which wall to paint was obvious. We sampled a few paint colors and ultimately decided on Tidal Teal from Valspar

Ikea was our one-stop shop for office decorations and it didn't disappoint. 7 picture frames cost about $30 and it was sister's idea to get all black and white and then 2 colored frames. Again, something I wouldn't have thought of but ended up loving! For the desk, I picked out a glass lamp, vase, clearance candles, and office supplies such as a cork board, clock, and magnetic dry erase board. The only accessories that didn't come from Ikea were three large plastic storage tubs that I purchased at Target for $5.99 each. They are perfect for holding all my exercise equipment (bands, dumbbells, med balls, stability balls, etc). 

Again, Ikea was the place for picking out furniture. I opted for a basic white desk, that cost a mere $20, since I already had two white bookcases in the room that I knew had plenty of room left for storage baskets and to hold office supplies. I also picked out a white chair to match everything. Once assembled, the chair looked awesome next to the white desk and bookcases, but it was really uncomfortable to sit in for hours each day! My husband is the king of online deal alerts and saw a really sweet black office chair for $50 on sale, down from about $150. Thanks to free shipping, it was on our doorstep a few days later. That chair is mega comfortable! The white Ikea chair now acts as a spare chair.

 And now for the exciting part of this post! The office reveal! *drum roll with cymbal clash*

Before, with desk set up:

Painting (this picture shows the true color of the wall)

Wall art hung 

Ta-Da! So hard to get a good picture with bad lighting from this doorway angle.

And this is what working from home is all about =)

My next blog post in regards to this office will be on storage organization for the bookshelves, stay tuned!

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