Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creating an Office Space (Part 1)

In 2010 my husband and I purchased our first home together. It has 3 bedrooms plus an additional office/den room. We were moving from a 2 bedroom, 1100 sq ft apartment, so we really didn't have the "stuff" to fill up 4 rooms right away. For an entire year our spare room was a storage space for unpacked moving boxes of things like camping gear, memory photo albums, etc that we didn't need to unpack immediately. We just shut the door to the room and the mess would disappear. Lovely, eh? Just keeping it real =) Eventually, after settling into the house, we worked on sorting out the room. We bought a dozen or so plastic storage bins and some garage shelving and were able to clear out the spare room.  Take a look at the room only days after we moved in. We didn't even have window coverings hung yet.
It looks like a scene from the A&E show "Hoarders" lol

It took nearly a year, but we got all the stuff sorted and sold the rest on Craigslist. See that white bookcase that on the right? I've actually had that since I was a little kid, it used to be in my room at my childhood home. It went with me to two apartments in college and now has a place in our home =)  I found a nearly identical bookcase at Target for about $40 and placed it on the left side of the window to create some symmetry to the room.

Fast forward to early 2012. Long story short, I have wanted to start my own fitness business for quite some time now. After being employed at a job that I was miserable at, I finally took the plunge, quit that job, and decided to work from home to start my business.  I wanted to create a separate space for my daily work, so I would feel like I was "going to work" each day with the theory that I would be more productive =) I knew this extra bedroom was the perfect space for this! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog that will outline how with the help of my husband and sister, I transformed the room from the picture above to a really fun, inspiring office space. It involved a lot of awesome items from Ikea! Here's a sneak peak:

Click on image to enlarge

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