Thursday, May 31, 2012

$3 Summer Wreath

Summer temperatures here in the Southwest have been reaching into the 100s lately, so without a doubt, summertime is officially here. It's days like today, with temperatures expected to reach 109degrees, that I want to hang up my Christmas wreath on the front door just so I can pretend that it's wintertime again =)  Since I don't want any neighbors potentially referring to us as that strange house with the Christmas wreath, I figured I better show defeat to this season and put up a summer wreath instead.

Last week I was browsing the paint supply section at our local dollar store for this nightstand project, and found a $1 large plain wreath. I also picked up two bundles of silk flowers for a total of $2. 

I had some leftover paint at home, so painting the wreath cost $0. I worked on the wreath the same time I worked on the nightstand project since I already had various DIY project supplies out to work on.

Here's the breakdown on how I made a summertime wreath for $3:

This was the base wreath for $1. I started painting yellow, as seen here, but quickly determined it was too pale of color for a fun and bright summer wreath.

After I painted it and let it dry, I took apart the flowers from each $1 bundle so there were no stems or leaves attached to them. Since I was working at my kitchen island I placed wax paper under the areas of the wreath I would be gluing to catch any drops of glue.
Before gluing, I determined where I wanted to place the flowers. When I do DIY projects I often get the initial inspiration from online pictures of people who have done similar projects. However, when I actually do a DIY project I don't like to refer to those pictures when I'm working on it, that way I can get creative in my own ways and the project is more unique. 

Using a hot glue gun, I started placing flowers in one corner.

For the top corner I used smaller flowers. I had some leftover ribbon that I hot glued to the top and then folded the hanging strands under the wreath and glued it to the back.

Here is the final project:

I have to admit, I still think it's lacking something. I want to find a wooden sign that says "Welcome" or "Summertime" and place it in the middle. I may be posting a revision to this project soon =) 
But for now, it is better than a blank door and for $3 I would say this was a project well worth it. 

Have you made any wreaths in the past? If so, link up a picture in the comment section to share with other readers!

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